Tuesday, October 31, 2017


We are currently in the process of vetting test pressings for our first LP coming out next year on SHHPUMA, a label from Portugal! It was recorded in 2015 as a demo. Re-recorded in 2016 and subsequently lost inside a stolen computer. Re-conceived and re-re-recorded again in 2016 and mixed and mastered by early 2017. It was a remarkably long process for a predominately improvisatory group. The album features live improvisations collaged and layered through overdubbing and editing, and is inspired by the journals of Philip K. Dick, published posthumously as THE EXIGESIS. We hoped to create something that sounds like a lifelong search for deeper meanings that ends without sufficient data to draw a significant conclusion. It is a strange, lush, wobbly, sad and lonely journey and we are excited to take you on it. 


A short excerpt and review by Joe Strutt of our set opening for Hailu Mergia this summer.

"Carl Didur and Colin Fisher brought basically the same tools, but whether it was simply having a more attentive, sit-down crowd in front of them or repetition giving more clarity to the game plan, this one was the more satisfactory experience. Deeper dynamics, a more satisfying arc to the set — and that seated crowd was much more attentive..."